Welcome to Senior Commercial. We are a specialist adviser to property owners on empty rates and lease events. Our approach is tailored to client needs, borne of more than 25 years experience in the commercial property sector.

برامج تداول الاسهم عبر الانترنتالتداول-في-الاسهم-السعودية Our objective is to provide highly experienced, Partner level advice to major property owners and developers. Specialising in the office and business space sectors, we have involvement and experience in projects across the UK. Increasingly, innovation is the key – looking for new solutions to old problems. This is what we aim to offer.


Specialist Empty Rates

اخبار سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم We know that each property presents a different challenge. This is why we will agree a bespoke strategy with our clients on each and every project.


Business Rates

افكار على كيفية ربح المال We have a long and successful track record working with occupiers and owners across the UK to reduce the underlying levels of value in rating assessments and, as a consequence, the rates payable.